Enhancing Publishing Plugin Has New Look and Features

Sep 10, 2016 | New Features | 0 comments

We’re thrilled with the initial launch of the plugin, which is helping users quickly and easily find posts and pages by using three convenient lookups in the top admin bar:

Three Look up Admin Menus

However, we felt some improvements were needed to make it even better. Check out the changes and improvements.

Access ‘All’ Posts, Pages and CPTs

We added a new sub-menu called “All” that works similarly to WordPress “All” lists. This sub-menu will show all posts/pages/CPTs regardless of their post status. This feature is convenient if you are looking for a post but not sure about its status or the status isn’t relevant.

Access to all Posts , Pages , CPT nav link

Find the Five Most Recently Modified Posts, Pages and CPTs

Each sub-menu now lists the top five most recently modified posts, pages, or CPTs:

Access to all Posts , Pages , CPT nav link

 Search for Posts in Alphabetical List

If you need to access an old post, page, or CPT then you can use our new Alphabetical List that each sub-menu provides:

Access to all Posts , Pages , CPT nav link

Echo Plugins Team