Publish Posts and Pages
On WordPress
Faster and with Ease

Easy way to find and clone posts and pages

Start saving time and help your clients and editors
by making it easy to find and update posts and pages.


Free Features

Posts and Pages Lookup

Access all your posts, pages and custom post types from an easy-to-navigate drop down list located in the top admin bar.
Don’t waste your time switching to a list of posts or pages and then searching for your post.


  • Access the list anywhere the top admin bar is available
  • View the status of your pages at one glance
Drop down list of posts and pages

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Post and page publishing menu

Publishing Menu

When editing your post or page further down the screen, easily access the Publish options such as Update or Save as Draft without the need to scroll back to the top. Publish options are accessible wherever you are on the page from the top admin bar.


  • Access Publish options from the top admin bar
  • Update, Save As Draft or Preview Changes without scrolling to the top
  • Keep working in the same place on the page

PRO Features

Duplicate page link

Duplicate Posts and Pages

Save your time and reduce errors when copying content. Duplicate any post, page or custom post type with a single click.


  • Accurately duplicate any Post, Page or Custom Post Type
  • Also copy children pages and custom fields

Make Your Publishing Experience Awesome Right Now!

Great for Editors, Authors and Developers

Make WordPress Easier to Use

Clients that use WordPress for the first time can get lost trying to find or add content. Make it easy and fast for clients to find and manage their posts and pages.

Minimize Errors

Manually copying content is prone to errors. Avoid mistakes by using Enhanced Publishing features that allows you to easily duplicate any content.

Save Time and Avoid Frustrations

With Enhanced Publishing plugin you and your clients will save time when creating and publishing content. Focus on creating great posts and pages instead of struggling to manage them.


Enjoy The Same WordPress Experience

Enhanced Publishing plugin uses WordPress API and seamlessly blends with its user interface. The plugin features are added intuitively where it makes sense.