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Some themes have a custom home page where you cannot insert shortcodes or where they simply don’t work. In those situations use the Force HTML and Force Script feature in the plugin settings. Below are instructions on how to set this up so the Scroll Down Arrow will display on your home page.


Step 1: Plugin Settings

Go to the Settings -> Scroll Down Arrow


Step 2: Force Arrow Options

There are two tabs. Click on the “Force Arrow Options” Tab


Step 3: Force JS/CSS

Check the box Force JS/CSS Scripts


Step 4: Force HTML

Check the box Force HTML


Step 5: Scroll Down Arrow Settings

Because you are using these settings for your home page, you will need to set the arrow settings on this page rather than using the button on a post or page. These settings are exactly the same and are only applied to the homepage arrow.


Step 7: Save

One you have finished, save your settings and go to your homepage to see if your arrow is displaying correctly.


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