Arrow Plugin Features

  • Add arrow to any page
  • Add arrow to any post type
  • Works well with themes
  • Each arrow can be independently customized
  • 5 Different styles of arrows
  • 6 Different animations to choose from
  • Easy Shortcode embedder
  • Set duration of arrow visibility
  • Choose any size and any color
  • Bouncing animation to attract attention
  • Choose Bouncing Speed
  • Ability to disable bouncing
  • Configure arrow to display permanently
  • Choose how arrow fades away when the user scrolls down

The Content Down Arrow is an easy-to-use WordPress plugin that displays a downward-pointing, bouncing arrow. It gives users a visual indicator that there is more content further down the page.

This arrow is especially useful if your layout is a multi page and you need to guide your visitors along. Animated elements, like the arrow, are a new trend that designers are using to gently guide visitors in the right direction. This plugin gives the visitors a scroll indicator to inform them that there is more content below the fold.

Arrow Types

The plugin offers five arrow shapes:

Regular Arrow

Arrow with Circle

Arrow with Soft Edges

Arrow with Sharp Edges

Arrow with Tail


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Example of arrow animations and how they move