We Are Releasing a New Enhanced Publishing Plugin for WordPress

Aug 16, 2016 | News | 0 comments

WordPress is a great platform for building websites with its easy-to-use interface. However, we found that some publishing tasks can be made much easier. After all, nowadays everyone is busy and whether it is you or your clients, you want to make your changes quick.

If you create or maintain websites for clients and editors, you don’t want them to become frustrated with the basic tasks of publishing content or to have to call you every day for support.
That is where our plugin comes in!


FEATURE #1: Posts and Pages Lookup (Free)

What can our plugin do for you? Typically, when you want to open a page or a post to edit its content, doing so is time consuming and sometimes frustrating to find that page. First you need to go to a list of posts and pages and then search or browse the list.
With our plugin, on every page, whether on the front-end or back-end, you have access to posts and pages lookup. The lookup has pages grouped by status such as Published, Scheduled, Draft or Mine posts and pages.



In addition, Custom Post Types are grouped by individual custom types:



FEATURE #2: Publishing Menu (Free)

This feature helps you with updating or saving posts/pages as draft. Usually, when you edit a post or page far down on the screen, you have to scroll back up to the WordPress publish box to update or save it:

With our plugin, you can update or save the post/page from an easy menu visible on the admin bar without the need to scroll back up:


This makes publishing much easier and more convenient!

FEATURE #3: Duplicate Posts and Pages (Pro)

With this tool you can save time and reduce errors when copying content. Simply duplicate any post, page, or custom post type with a single click:


This feature also can duplicate Custom Post Types, children pages, and custom fields.
We hope you find these features useful and you can get our plugin here.

Echo Plugins Team